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  1. Anyone know if there's a word limit for the statement of purpose at Univ of Southern California?
  2. is it a bad idea to submit a (probably imperfect) research paper you wrote from a psych undergrad class as your writing sample?
  3. Anyone applying to SUNJ Rutgers? Is there no word limit for the SOP?
  4. If you haven't first-authored a paper, what are you all providing as writing samples?
  5. I am applying to UC Irvine! Blekh. Exactly. I have received so much conflicting info on what to include. The bottom line is, they ARE asking u to speak about ur personal struggles as a minority... so I'm doing that
  6. How many years of research experience r yall applying with? : )
  7. Is 75th percentile generally considered competitive, or at least good enough for interview offers, for GRE scores?
  8. How far along are yall in your applications? There's only 2 weeks left until most apps are due and I still have lots of work left do to in my SOPs so I'm kinda surprised I'm not freakin out yet 🙃
  9. Is it a bad idea to write in your SOP about how a certain experience taught you that you DIDN'T want to work with a specific population?
  10. Any tips on what to write for the personal statement (NOT the SOP)??? I wanna write abt how I'm intersectional but don't want it to be a sob story...
  11. I'm confused on what to do, because my AW and quant scores are always higher than avg scores of incoming students but my verbal scores is usually lower than the average🙃
  12. So, I've kinda had the opposite experience that some other people have mentioned with their GRE scores.. I scored pretty well in quant and just so so in verbal. My scores were 157V 163Q 5.0AW; anyone have any suggestions on whether or not I should submit in my applications where the GRE scores are optional?
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