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  1. Guys, I'm really heart broken here and would really just love some insight... does anyone have an offer at UIC (Univ of Illinois at Chicago) that is still holding on to an offer? Are you planning on accepting/rejecting? Again, I'm sorry to even ask. I'm just so crushed and do not know what to do here... this was my only chance
  2. For those of you all who have multiple offers, how many offers are you holding onto at a time? And when do you expect to release offers you plan to reject?
  3. Is there a better chance I'll get in through a waitlist from internal faculty, or is there a better chance my PI (who is external faculty) will be able to make me an offer, who is first in line to make an offer after all internal faculty have exhausted their waitlists?
  4. When do you guys predict most people will be accepting/rejecting the offers they were given? Seems like most itnerviews are done by now
  5. can someone link the interview calendar for this year? i cant find it!
  6. Guys I'm freaking outttttt. Not getting in this cycle (my second time applying) was never an option. My chances lie in only one school now, and I'm so nervous funding won't be available for me... I don't know what to do
  7. I think they would tell you as soon as they can! my PI gave me updates the second she heard from the rest of the faculty abt my position for getting an offer off the waitlist. I don't think they'd keep you in the dark if they had important info to tell u (at least I wouldn't except my potential program to work like this based on how great their communication has been in the past). Hope this helps!
  8. Is this how faculty hierarchy works in terms of who gets to take on a student? If a professor "higher up" in the list makes an offer that gets declined, then a faculty member "further down" in the list gets to make their offer? always been curious. thank u!!
  9. blekh, historically at my school only abt 50% of offers get accepted (meaning that ppl are often accepted off the wailist), and I'm first in line to get an offer if one spot opens up. I'm just anxious since I'm not sure what to expect just bc this application year has been so crazy-- if all goes as usual there's a good chance i'll get an offer, but i have to wait if enough ppl decline to see if a spot opens up 😭
  10. I know that applicants have until April 15 to make official decisions, but when do most applicants typically make a decision by (or will make a decision by this cycle since everything is different this time around)? I also hear ur not supposed to hold on to more than one offer at a time to spots can be released if the applicant isn't interested... I've been waitlisted at my top program so I'm just trying to gauge when I'll know for sure 😅
  11. hi! So interview day already passed and i believe offers have been made as well. hope this helps!
  12. Has anyone been accepted to UIC's clinical program yet? : )
  13. I had an interview with UIC last Friday! For the clinical program. Haven't heard back yet after the interview!
  14. Anyone hear back from UIC after interview day this past Friday?
  15. OMG i also want to study suicide/self harm and applied to a couple of labs where this is researched!! feel free to dm!
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