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  1. To the Temple poster on the results page who received a phone call acceptance - if you read this, first of all - CONGRATS!!! Secondly, if you don't mind sharing the PI initials I would really appreciate it! I also absolutely understand if you are not comfortable sharing. Best wishes and congrats!
  2. How come American University's timeline (Interview Notification Deadline; Interview Dates) are not on the 'CUDCP Admission Timelines' page? Also - does anyone have any insight to their timeline?
  3. Has anyone heard from Pittsburgh yet? I saw someone posted in the results thread that they received an official invite. If you're reading this, is there any way that you could share with us here a bit more about that invite and provide PI initials if you are comfortable doing so? Thank you so much, best of luck!
  4. No way - who else did you apply to? Thanks for your response and wishing you the best! Have you heard anything from MH/Chapel Hill? Please keep me updated! 🙂
  5. Anxiously waiting to hear from UNC Chapel Hill - CUDPC noted that today is their interview invitation deadline. Does anyone know what time they would send out these emails? / Has anyone gotten one yet?
  6. Apologies for the weird formatting - not sure how that happened!
  7. The CUDCP timeline has listed today as the interview notification deadline for UNC Chapel Hill. I haven't heard anything from UNC, or from my POI: MH. I haven't heard anything in terms of an informal interview or a formal interview. I'm hoping that someone may be able to note if they've received any word or have any info! Thank you so much - best wishes to everyone!
  8. Has anyone heard a peep from Pittsburgh (PI: AW) or American University (PI: NH)?
  9. I applied to ABS at Yale and haven't received an invite for a preliminary interview or an official interview. I'm assuming rejection as of now - does anyone know if she only pulls from those she completed a prelim interview with or from all applicants? Additionally, does anyone know if she/Yale will have a waitlist? Thanks a bunch! Would appreciate any feedback.
  10. Has anyone heard from POI: BA at Notre Dame regarding preliminary or official interviews?
  11. Has anyone heard from POI: MH at UNC Chapel Hill regarding preliminary or official interviews? Additionally, has anyone heard from POI: ABS at Yale regarding preliminary or official interviews?
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