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  1. Miami University (Ohio) interviews are next week (Jan 19 and Jan 22), so I think all invites have gone out. Best of luck to you!
  2. I personally would not recommend reaching out to admissions at this stage. I think a lot of interview invites are yet to go out and if a program is going to extend an invite, they will reach out to you. Curious to hear what others think, though!
  3. Do you mind sharing the POI initials from Kent State? TIA!
  4. Thoughts on if I havent heard from university of toledo? several people have posted about receiving emails from the DCT with POIs CCed. I havent seen my POIs initials, but do people think they sent out all invites?
  5. Has anyone heard from University of Miami? Their website says they will send interview invites today and I am very anxious!!!
  6. Regarding the Yale post...if you have 3+ offers it is important to narrow those down! It is etiquette to not hold on to more than two offers at once.
  7. Anyone know how common it is to get in as an alternate post-interview? My nerves are killing me
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