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  1. Hi, thank you and likewise best of luck! I had a similar experience, it was a really nice chat and I really enjoyed it. Just wish Feb 24th would roll around sooner haha.
  2. Hello, I have an informational interview with RAND in a couple of days, and have a few questions that I'd be grateful for guidance on: Q1) I've been scheduled to speak with a faculty member rather than an alumnus of the program. Can someone who's previously interviewed with faculty or admissions at RAND share their experience and any advice on how to proceed? Looking through this forum, I found a few replies discussing their experiences of interviews with alumni, but not with others. Q2) Since the interview is with faculty, what sort of questions may be asked? For instance, I'm applyi
  3. Understood. I've contacted an academic in one of the local thinktanks who used to teach at my university for his thoughts on the local ecosystem but taking your comments into account, I think it would be more feasible to apply next year then. Could you provide some suggestions please on what I could do to make myself competitive for funding in 2022 or 2023?
  4. Thank you for your feedback. A) Thank you, I'll pursue that route. I do agree it's a gamble but after discussing the matter with friends and former university fellows who are already in the US or going this fall, I'm willing to take the shot. My main concern is with internship or job opportunities though, since from what I've researched, a large proportion of security interns and grads tend to take roles requiring security clearance, which I will be ineligible for. So I'm concerned about competing for a very small number of roles, especially since non-STEM OPT authorization is only for 1 ye
  5. Hi everyone. Brief background before my profile because I think it may be relevant. I've been interested in international affairs and security topics since high school, but I'm a STEM major, graduated in 2017 and worked in my field till 2019. Left my job in mid-2019 to prepare full-time for a competitive public service exam to join the Foreign Service of Pakistan. I didn't qualify the exam, but I'm still committed to public service and the 8 months or so of studying IR, International Law, World Affairs etc. piqued my interest sufficiently to consider switching to Security studies, perhaps with
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