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  1. Anyone else interviewing at U of Washington next week??
  2. Fordham's deadline is 1/15. That and UNC are the only ones I applied to with deadlines after New Years.
  3. Thank you for sharing! This is super helpful. I have a nose piercing too - I'm just switching my hoop out for a tiny gold stud. It's really hard to even see across screens and I've been told it kind of looks like a freckle (I have tons of freckles lol). I just worry about taking it out and having it close up, since mine is relatively new. I think a small stud would be fine though! I have two very loud puppies, so I'll be going to my grandparents' house for my Zoom interviews. I'm gonna stop by this weekend and test out different rooms/lighting and make sure Zoom works on their computer. I
  4. Ladies, what is everyone wearing to virtual interviews? Washington’s interview is split into 2 days, first with students and other staff, and second with core faculty. I’m thinking a nice blouse for the student/staff one and a blazer for the faculty? Very new at dressing professionally 😂
  5. Got my invite from U of Washington! So happy, this is my top choice!
  6. Lol no worries! I'm in the same boat. Supposed to hear from University of Washington today and I've felt nauseous all day. Fingers crossed for good news! (or literally any news at this point)
  7. To hear back? Definitely not! April 15th is the deadline to accept an offer of admissions.
  8. Same! Researching DBT is my dreammmm
  9. Did you apply to the PhD or EdS program?
  10. When I submitted my application, I got a confirmation email that they received everything, and in the email they said that they were “planning to notify applicants either way on Jan 11”.
  11. So. Freaking. Anxious. Literally came on here to see if I could figure out what time of day in past years they've let applicants know about interviews.
  12. Can you share the link for the results section? I can’t seem to find it.
  13. Same thing happened to me! I emailed them and they said it was fine, and that the scores would be matched with my application when they were received.
  14. Hey! I think once admitted we would send the official stuff. Wouldn’t make sense to do all of that and then not end up going.
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