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  1. Thank you for that, it's nice to not feel alone. Unfortunately, a lot of things are complicating my situations. Visa issues, long distance relationships and personal finances so this was probably my first and last try to apply for Clinical Psych. Prepped my whole undergrad for it (like everyone else here I am sure), today just feels dim...as if I let a lot of people down. I know I won't feel this in the morning but it seems almost cruel, commuted for hours to work at a lab where I did grunt work before I could get to write a paper, gave up many many many outings and opportunities
  2. Thank you, yeah I was expecting to get this one so I am kind of sad 😕 I knew clin psych was hard and now I'm just going through an existential crisis that I know more about the clin psych application process than I do about the field itself and I'm starting to consider if this is the only path to achieve what I want. It just seems insanely taxing.
  3. "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but yes – invitations for interview day have been extended. I know that is not the news that you want to hear. I know how extremely nerve-racking this application process can be. I remember your application quite well and rated it very well. I thought that you were very prepared for a PhD program. I am sure that others will see that too. I remember that our interests significantly overlapped and that you have a history of community interventions. I thought that was very neat. I ultimately extended invitations to three other candidates. I know this won’t be
  4. Hey all, I see people posting that their PI got back to their emails inquiring about interview invites. I would like to do this for one school as I want to know whether I should put in efforts for a certain scholarship I need to apply to. I am not really sure what to write as I don't want to sound annoying. "Hello Dr. X, I hope you are doing well and had a restful winter break. I was writing to inquire if all your interview invites for the Fall 2021 Clinical-Community Program have been extended. Thank you so much, (My Name)" I
  5. How do you email a PI to ask if interview invites have been sent out? (without seeming too annoying etc.)
  6. Gotcha! I imagine so, it’s definitely a reach program for me so I wouldn’t be too surprised if I didn’t hear back lol and I heard JDP got 1k applications. Just wanted to gouge how many people are interested in social anxiety research!!! I love CT’s work!!
  7. Just wondering if anyone applied to PI: CT at UCSD-SDSU? Or PI: JA at CU Boulder? (I am not talking about interviews or anything, I’m just curious).
  8. I get that you are worried, trust me, I am in the same position but crossing off the school from your list now or later won't really make a difference if you are going to be rejected (I hope that you aren't though!). I know it is easier said than done but the reality is that until January end, you just can't know what position you are in. We took months for our applications and understandably, the faculty will take time to send invites, some might send them all at once, some might do it differently. With COVID, even the most predictable things are unpredictable. If you are this worried about n
  9. Sorry to kch16 I don't know how to reply to you directly, I meant the program's website says that all students who are invited for interviews will be notified by the 5th of Jan.
  10. Anyone heard anything from CU Boulder (PI: JA)? They said they'd send notifications by 5th Jan so just wondering...
  11. It's been 3 days since U of Miami's supposed interview extension date, should I assume I got rejected (haven't seen a lot of U of Miami interview invites on the results page though)?
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