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  1. did it look personalized? my anxiety just skyrocketed haha
  2. who in the thread has heard from princeton? I haven’t yet but was wondering if y’all know when the official offers are coming out?
  3. I think there was only the one weekend, right? Feb 16-19
  4. WC people— if you haven't heard back, you've been waitlisted! According to program coordinator
  5. Does anyone know when duke neurobio is going to get back to us? IIRC there were only the two interview days last week
  6. I think there is only one interview week, so all invites have likely been sent!
  7. I wasn't, but I would assume that all offers would be extended by then for both interview sessions.
  8. I think all invites are going to be sent out by mid February!
  9. Stanford neuro is done sending invites, the official emails went out last Friday
  10. Does anyone know if MIT BCS is sending out invites over a few days like they have in the past, or am I completely screwed? 😅
  11. does anyone know if MIT sends out invites over the course of a couple days or if it's generally all within the same few hours?
  12. I think Stanford officially sent out all interview invites for neuro last Friday unfortunately 😕
  13. “Applications are still being reviewed and we expect invitations will go out early next week.” from the program coordinator!
  14. iirc SNAAP was open to anyone applying for PhD programs in neuro this cycle, not just at Stanford/if you got an interview at Stanford!
  15. I'm sure in that case they'll send an informal email, best of luck!!
  16. Got a call, email to follow by end of next week according to the adcom member who called me.
  17. I just heard! my body is tingling, completely did not expect to get this far 😭🤯
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