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  1. Oh okay, that's good to know, so potentially I could still go for the 2022 cycle like I would be doing with Cambridge, the only difference in waiting is essentially having different LORs and being fully finished with the MA, but I'm not entirely sure that I want to take a gap year between MA & PhD anyway. Thanks! 😊
  2. Thanks for this information about the funding - I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what pans out but I’m glad I have Cambridge for sure (and the tuition, living costs there is not so expensive). I guess what you say about having to wait for PhD applications seems true in that their website talks about helping you with PhD applications post-degree, so that would have to be a consideration as well as I was planning to apply this fall if I end up going to Cambridge as their term starts later (October) and thus I’d have more time to complete applications. I guess with MAPSS you could always t
  3. Thanks! The letter said to expect the decision in 'mid-march' but hopefully it might come a bit sooner than that! 🙂
  4. I’ve been referred to MAPSS too and am quite interested in seeing what they come back with, even though it means waiting a few more weeks. Adding on to @kleio’s query, I was just wondering if anyone knew how likely it is for referred PhD applicants to be offered a spot at MAPSS and if there’s a better chance for receiving funding due to this? Thanks!
  5. Thanks, honestly I was purely going off the advice of someone who told me that was a good filtration process but I agree with you that it is not. I definitely am not going to operate in this manner at all, and see now that was probably bad advice. I’ve had a hard month with two family members having surgery and at times I’ve latched on to any advice on how to proceed with applications as it’s been a stressful time. I really don’t want that previous sentence to be held against me as it was written under bad faith and at a highly stressful time. We all make errors in judgment and I realise now t
  6. Hi, Thanks for this advice. Yes, I will be applying to non top 20 programs, I’m mainly looking at fit, which as you say is most important. In regards to the second part, I definitely get what you’re saying, this was just a piece of advice I received from someone else. I think it’s still important to get in touch as quite a lot of the places I want to apply to encourage contacting faculty before submitting the application, but I won’t rule a place out if I don’t hear from a POI. Best wishes!
  7. 1. I know that compared to Yale or Harvard, UCL and Cambridge pale in comparison and I wasn’t suggesting this would help my application next year, just that as a U.K. applicant these are our top schools (and are both in the top 10 for the QS world rankings.) I know that in some ways being an international applicant, even though I’m a US citizen, is to my disadvantage. 2. Thanks - I think most likely my dissertation will be the best writing sample to use. 3. I applied to too many schools this cycle and it wasn’t the best idea, but I was trying to maximise my chances. I did tailor my
  8. I think next cycle will be about the same in terms of competitiveness in that there may be more people applying next year. However, I think there’s some factors which might help 2022 applicants in that cohort sizes may increase slightly (but probably won’t be back to normal), more places will be open for applications so that will spread things out, plus there’s indications that tons of people applied this year due to COVID panic and feeling like going back to graduate school is a safe option right now, especially when you can get a stipend from a PhD program. Moreover, I think applicants who h
  9. Thanks so much, this is all really useful I agree, and I will most likely apply to some smaller schools. I think the main thing will be seeing who responds to my introductory emails when I send them in June, and that will give me a good idea of which departments are interested in my project! I'm also hoping to get some funding for my MPhil, but I may not find out until March/April! Good luck! I think re the SOP, I know I need to emphasise fit with the department and POIs slightly more than I did in this round. I think over the summer I will devote quite a bit of time to prepa
  10. Hi all, I'd appreciate some advice just re applying next cycle as I'm pretty sure that's what I'll be doing. I'm going to spend a lot of the summer working on my statement of purpose for each school and really show in each one that I'm a good "fit" for the department and relevant POIs. So by the time I start filling out applications next September I will have graduated from a top UK university - UCL - (hopefully with a 1st) and will be heading to Cambridge for my MPhil. I'm hoping that will put me in a better position when I apply next year. I'm an Americanist, specialising in
  11. Spy another Princeton admit on the results page so I guess we can assume acceptances have gone out and just not a ton of people who've been accepted are on here. Already forward-planning for next year, lol. I think/hope things will work out better for the 2022 cycle.
  12. I think it’s probably an authentic result but am surprised there is just one so far as usually you would see more than one, but then this cycle is super weird so who knows 🤷🏼‍♀️
  13. I spoke with my POI over the weekend and seems like they're not that close to announcing decisions yet and also that this year's cohort will be quite reduced. Hoping for a more "normal" admissions cycle/cohort next year.
  14. Anyone else finding some of the recent results on the survey page to be a bit fishy? Have to admit that long Ohio state comment was kind of funny...
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