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  1. So my BC PhD application was rejected but was accepted into the MA program???? Same thing with GM. Idk whether to feel deflated or flattered or...both? Luckily got into one PhD program but still...
  2. Anyone else rejected from GMUs PhD Sociology Program but accepted into their Masters Program? Also, I didn’t even apply to the Masters program
  3. From the graduate director at LSU: “As you likely already know our application deadline for fall 2021 was January 31. The five members of the Graduate Faculty are reviewing all completed applications this week and we will meet next week to make admissions decisions as well as our initial funding decisions. I can confirm that your application is complete and we are reviewing it now. I will likely contact all applicants by February 15 to communicate our initial decisions.”
  4. Still waiting to hear back from them as well. I’m sure they’ll be admitting all of three students this round 😩😅
  5. Has anyone heard back from George Mason?
  6. Heard from Delaware last week: ”Decisions will be made/announced in mid to late February.” Any updates from LSU, GM, SUNY, Tulane?
  7. Anybody heard back from Johns Hopkins?
  8. I haven't heard anything either 😕 no portal updates
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