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  1. Claiming MIT admit! Brief email, no status change on portal
  2. I honestly have no idea. My application material is pretty much the same for all schools. Stanford is a great fit for me, but so are some other programs that rejected me (in my opinion, some of which are probably better fit + lower rank). So I am guessing luck is indeed very very important.
  3. Rejected from every program I applied to. And then... Stanford! Want to thank everyone on this forum! Your positivity kept me alive!
  4. Wondering the exact same thing. Hope that they don't forward everyone to MAs and just keep us waiting for another month or so...
  5. Also rejected by UChicago, but referred to CIR... Same question as @poliscii, anyone knows about CIR and how competitive admission is?
  6. Thank you for all the positivity!!! I really needed this! I know that I still want this career, so definitely will keep trying no matter what happens in the next few weeks. Best of luck!
  7. Thank you for your support! I only have Harvard, Yale MIT, Stanford pending, so not really gonna count on them. Prolly just going to contact my undergrad advisor to develop a paper idea I had last semester and re-apply next cycle. Best of luck with your app!
  8. Hi everyone, long time lurker here. Just wondering if anyone can share their 0.2 applying as an undergrad? I received my 5th rejection today (so far no acceptance), and it's getting really hard to not blame myself at this point in the game. I am an international applicant with a BA from an ivy (just graduated last December), triple major (government+area studies+philosophy, summa cum laude), GPA 4.0, GRE 168+169+5, four RA-ships, two TA, one first-author publication accepted at a top area studies journal, and a few more student journal/conference/etc. LOR from my undergrad advisors, all o
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