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  1. Hello! Now that the application period has begun, just thought it'd be nice to chat and share in this thread:) I'm applying to U of T and McGill's Master in Information Studies, and Archival Studies at UBC. Got everything submitted and just waiting for my referees to submit the reference letters. I actually applied to these three uni last year, got accepted by McGill but I didn't take it. Thought it might worth another try hahaha There were much more applicants last year, compared to what the schools previously got. It's probably still early but hopefully there're others out the
  2. Lol i inserted the wrong quote in my previous reply but yeah i finished it in mid-December...
  3. I got everything completed in mid-December... It’s just really frustrating that I had to wait for more than two months before it was changed to “under review” while some got it in a few weeks after they finished their applications:/
  4. Ikr! I'm not asking for an immediate decision but it's just weird how others' applications were updated as "under review" in a few weeks while I had to wait for more than two months... I hope you get some solid updates soon!
  5. update: the status of my application had finally changed to "under review" after 2 months lol
  6. Hi, I got a reply saying that my email had been forwarded to the admissions team. I'm still waiting for a solid update from them lol
  7. Yeah I just sent them an email. Hopefully there'll be good news soon! Also, congrats on your admission offer!
  8. I finished my application back in mid-dec and it's still shown as "doc received"... now i'm kinda nervous, wondering if i should mail Andrea for an update lol... I'm applying from Hong Kong:)
  9. Hello, I'm a bit late to this thread haha. I got all the references ready with my application back in mid-December last year and my status is still "documents received" lol
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