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  1. Hi guys, I'm thinking about asking for a deferral from Columbia SIPA. Was admitted into their MIA in March, and am thrilled, but it looks like starting one year later would work better for my timeline. I'm really happy about my spot and don't want to give it up (I don't want to re-apply and risk not getting in again next year), so am thinking about the deferral process. Does anyone have any experiences with this? I will try arguing for the "extraordinary professional opportunity", but not sure that my job will hold up to their standard. I guess the problem is that I don't know what their
  2. Congrats on your acceptance! Would you mind telling me a bit about your profile? I know I keep asking this question in this thread, but as the cohort for this double degree is only about 20 people, each answer is super valuable to me in deciding whether I should give it another shot next year
  3. Actually, can I ask you as well - what is your profile? I'm thinking about re-trying next year, so any insight would be nice
  4. Congrats on your acceptance!! Yeah, thing is that I didn't recieve any aid from SIPA and I was not prepared for having to pay their full tuition fees for the full two years. SIPA with aid, or SIPA-Sciences Po without aid would have been kind of okay, but looks like I'm gonna have to turn down SIPA and just not go to grad school this year 😕
  5. Hi, congrats on your acceptances!! May I ask what profile you have? I was admitted to SIPA, but rejected fom the SIPA-Sciences Po double degree, which was my dream program (so I'm a bit gutted tbh). Would be super interesting to know what the double degree admission comittee was looking for!
  6. Hey guys, did you get news? I was admitted into SIPA yesterday, and now just recieved a rejection from Sciences Po for the SIPA-PSIA dual degree.
  7. Does anyone know what happens to the financial aid of people who turn down the offer? Does it get redistributed to other admitted students? I didn't end up recieving any updates on my account so it looks like I didn't get any aid, but without it SIPA is sooo expensive 😕
  8. I also got in!😊 No word on funding either, I'm hoping for an update - looks like they are still sending them out so I'll be checking the portal for the next hours haha
  9. I just tried calling the admissions office, but it went straight to a recorded "we're working remotely, please email us" voice message, after which I was disconnected. So I guess they are not taking calls atm, might email them later
  10. I also applied for the dual degree, haven't heard anything either. I think we might still have to wait a little while for that one
  11. nevermind, i can log in again. but it was weird, for a good ten minutes i couldn't, and other sites were loading fine so it wasnt my wifi that was being fussy
  12. guys, the system is not letting me access the SIPA application login page... it says "server error" - looks like something is happening?!
  13. Lets hope he was an outlier! If you're still reading this, sincere congratulations on your acceptance - but it really did not help with anxiety for the rest of us😂
  14. Are you guys all waiting for MPA results, or also MIA? I applied to the MIA and haven't heard anything (so I guess that makes five of us😅)
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