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  1. Anyone apply for the 3 year online program at csun who have heard back? All Ive seen who’ve heard back are on campus or 2 year online. Curious if they’re still working on the 3 year online applicants
  2. Thanks! I think I found 2 who were accepted already and now I’m really nervous
  3. Thank you! I joined the group but I can’t find any posts that say they were accepted just that they’re waiting. I’ll look again
  4. I was accepted into CSUSBs 3 year online program. I have 30 days to respond. I’m still waiting on csun for an answer and so nervous!! Anyone hear from csun?
  5. Are they people who applied for the 2 year or 3 year online program? I interviewed 3/3 and check my email about 5099 times a day but still no answer! I have until the end of the month to give CSU San Bernardino an answer. But I’m wondering if I should just accept theirs. It’s hard to know.
  6. I also applied to csun msw, had my interview and am anxiously waiting for an answer. I was accepted to CSU San Bernardino last Friday but I prefer CSUN. I have 30 days to give CSUSB an answer so I hope I hear from CSUN soon. Anyone hear of any acceptance letters going out? I read in past posts interviews for the program typically mean you’ve been accepted. I don’t know though!
  7. Hello. My student loans went into default last year and I’m applying for consolidation today. I know the fafsa deadline is June 30 and it takes 3 months for me to go into good standing in order to take out more student loans. my question is - should I apply for the fafsa right now and get denied for student loans? If so, would I be able to make changes to my fafsa once I’m in good standing and hopefully get approved for more student loans? or should I wait until I’m in good standing in 3 months then fill out the fafsa? thanks for the help!
  8. Congrats on all who’ve been accepted! anyone hear from CSUN yet? I interviewed with them but haven’t heard back. I was accepted in CSU San Bernardino MSW online program last Friday and have 30 days to accept it. But CSUN is my first choice and I’m wanting to her back from them first. Just nervous as I need to get CSUSB an answer
  9. Hey guys, new to the group and forum. My anxiety googling about admissions got me here! Applied to CSU San Bernardino MSW online program and was accepted last Friday. I also applied to CSU Northridge and had my interview but haven’t heard back. CSUN is my first choice so I’m hoping to hear back soon as I only have 30 days to respond to csusb. Anyone else hear from CSUN?
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