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  1. I would say in an hour or so I got the email to check SGS
  2. Thank you! sure - it shows in the main page, right under to degree registration - it used to indicate "you are not enrolled" now it says "invited" in orange and the pending deposit under finances section.
  3. Hello everyone, I just saw acorn change, my last name is starting with T and I see the invited also. No sgs update or email yet.
  4. Hi all, I am waiting for UofT as well. last name starting with T... I really feel on the edge!
  5. well, if it was two letters per day...I mean, it looks like it is. I am bit hopeless at this point about the speed, as someone with a surname starting T I guess I need to prepare myself that I will probably hear next week...
  6. I can't believe finally today might be THE day. My last name is T, haven't heard yet! Best of luck everyone!!!
  7. Does any one know from previous years, how long does an applicant usually has to accept or decline an offer? for UofT 2y program possibly...
  8. Hello everyone, I found this thread only last week and have been checking ever since for the updates, the wait for 2 year MSW UofT application has been too long and torturous, as I feel it... This forum has been a life-saver at the home stretch, knowing there are other people out also in the same boat makes me feel less lonely in this exciting + difficult journey. Thanks for all the support & information! I do hope we get some news by the end of this week... but one can only wish I guess. Wishing the best of luck for everyone.
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