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  1. Just accepted my offer to ubc after the 4th try and will be taking myself off of western's waistlist! When they say dont give up, please do not give up, it will pay off!! I do believe ubc is looking at applications more holistically as my GPA for prereqs wasnt that impressive haha
  2. I completely know how you feel. This is my third year applying and still no luck. After talking to a few people, i am planning on focusing on making my letter of intent and references help me stand out. A lot of the time people focus on GPA and experience stats but forget how much of a difference a solid, unique letter can make! And a few people who applied at schools like western and u of a where GPA is not their number one priority were able to be accepted with GPAs lower than 3.8 It sounds like youve had a great amount of experience already, and in a pandemic too, but i urge you
  3. Omg 1st quadrant thats amazing im glad youre not giving up!!! This is super interesting seeing how the admissions committee looks at your overall application as i find mine is similar stats-wise (3.64 sgpa, 5000+ hours of SLP related experience with children and adults, 800+ hrs of RA experience). Now im starting to think possibly my letter of intent or references were off?? Hoping i can save money from upgrading and focus on that instead lol
  4. 3rd quadrant at western here 🥲 Gonna start thinking about next year and upgrading assuming that was my weakest point
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