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  1. Hi there! I actually received my notice last week. I think it may be a rolling decision based? I hear they meet once a week to talk about applicants. Best of luck!!
  2. I'm excited to potentially meet you all! I have a question: for those of you who are already in DSW programs, did you apply for financial aid? Is it worth doing a FAFSA? I remembered submitting a FAFSA for grad school, and I got virtually nothing Does UPenn offer scholarships/financial aid?
  3. I have also heard back from UPenn and have been accepted! It sounds like April's the month to hear back from schools for Fall 2022 (I hope)!
  4. I'm curious: did anyone who apply get interviews? I applied to Penn and Tulane in February and haven't heard from them at all...
  5. Hi friends! From my experience last year, it seems like it may be rolling admissions as some people got their acceptances earlier in the year last year (February) and I got my rejection towards the end of April. But this year NYU has a new dean of DSW program so I'm not sure if they've changed their admissions process.
  6. Thanks for this! I'm actually hoping to hear back from them!! I submitted back application a month ago, but my last letter of recommendation was submitted by the end of last month... so I hope that doesn't hinder their response time All to say, I'm crossing my fingers hoping I'd get into their program...
  7. Good luck to everyone who's applying for UPenn today!! Also submitting Tulane's since it's rolling admissions
  8. Hi there! Congratulations!! That was so quick!! I was planning on applying for Tulane DSW for fall 2022... did I miss the deadline? I thought it was March 31st... but perhaps I'm wrong? I think the biggest draw for me to apply for Tulane is that they're not as heavily research based as UPenn's is. Students are required to complete a clinical project (some students do opt to write a publication) at Tulane, while UPenn requires a dissertation...
  9. Hi again everyone! Here goes round 2 of applications for me... For anyone applying to UPenn: how're you feeling about the video interviews??? They're honestly freaking me out...
  10. Hey congrats!! Sounds like you're a really driven person!! So considering your stats, I'm a bit more confused haha. We have pretty similar stats actually! I also graduated with a BSW with a 3.6 from NYU. Went to Columbia for their Advanced Standing Program with a 3.9. A lot of volunteer work and field placement were documented in my resume for the past 8 years. I currently work two jobs: one as a full-time social worker at a hospital and the other at a private practice, working with clients with depression, anxiety, and trauma. My main focus on my essay was to work with children of immigrants, particularly Asian-Americans (especially given all of recent events of AAPI hate in our community...) My experience in clinical work with Asian-Americans have been prevalent over the last 4ish years. Where we really differ are our recommendations: I had one professor form Columbia write my rec and he is in a post-grad program. My other two were professional... perhaps had I gotten my recommendation letters from NYU it'd be stronger? But anyhoo, it's all moot at this point. I'm glad you got in, gives me hope that I'll find a program suited for me/I'll try again next year!
  11. I wasn't eligible to apply to the other schools until now (most schools required 3+ years of post-grad experience). Do you happen to know if that's a big factor that weighs in on admissions?
  12. Nvm, just found out... and I didn't get in ?
  13. Hi Friends! New to this, but was wondering if anyone applied to NYU DSW's program? I've been trying to comb through some forums to see if they've heard back but haven't heard from anyone ? I emailed admissions and they said to expect an update this week ?
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