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  1. CONGRATS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN ACCEPTED TO UPENN! Everyone should be hearing from Alabama, Buffalo as well this week!
  2. Yes, I'm sure when they narrow it down they will have live/virtual interviews with the applicants.
  3. I'm sure they felt overwhelmed with the amount of applicants and wanted a way to narrow it down. The interview portion asked us to answer some questions in a 5 minutes I believe. We could record it twice if we did not feel it was good enough the first time. NO UPDATES. I called and they said "mid-April" - so April 15th I'm assuming we will hear back.
  4. I haven't heard back from UPENN yet either. I am assuming that the video interview is serving them as a way to cut the process down and eliminate applicants. Best of Luck.
  5. Update- Received my denial from University of Tennessee. Still waiting on UPENN, UBUFF and BAMA to make a final decision.
  6. I was freaking out and put it off for like a month then one day just did it.
  7. hello all: I am applying to the DSW programs to start in the Fall 2022. I have applied to the following programs: Southern Connecticut State University - Accepted (declined the offer) Barry University - Accepted (paid deposit) Capella - Accepted (declined the offer) UPENN - waiting University of Buff - waiting UTENN Knox - waiting UBAMA - waiting
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