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  1. Nope. I’ve only seen one acceptance on this forum on Jan 7th.
  2. Mine also changed after I applied but, this recent date change would be the second time its changed. I’m applying for non-bsw.
  3. My thinking is the same. However, I have checked all inboxes and nothing has been sent so far. Keeping an eye out.
  4. Has anyone had this issue with uWindor MSWwp? My application status has been “processing” since Nov 8th 2021 and recently my application status date has changed on Jan 7th but my application is still “processing”. Any insight would be appreciated.
  5. hopefully not yet. Applied November 8th and haven’t heard anything yet. I’m guessing Friday would be the last chance before the new year to send out decisions but who knows.
  6. Has anyone that applied to UWindsor MSWwp in past 3 weeks heard anything back yet?
  7. What day did you apply and when were you accepted?
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