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  1. Congrats on the acceptance to Dal! That’s a huge accomplishment, are you going to take it?
  2. Just got waitlisted for U of T - first year applying. Last initial K. Still waiting on Laurier.
  3. Agreed. This is the most random, stress inducing process ever.
  4. Anyone thinking acceptances are over? I’m assuming if they skipped out letter we will get a waitlist or rejection.
  5. I feel you fellow K's, the paranoia is real
  6. Someone posted a little while back that they emailed and it was no use. I doubt they are even picking up phone calls. Their target month is April, but I guess that means it could literally be any time this month or even next month.
  7. Well Monday, since it is not a holiday. But honestly, if we don't hear anything tomorrow at least we can take the weekend off watching these pages.
  8. Yes same here. I feel physically sick waiting all day. It is crazy making. Who here is waiting on U of T? (Show with a like)
  9. I'm thinking this is always the response just because its stated on the website this way and they don't want to make a promise of an earlier deadline maybe. But the waiting is so beyond stressful this week. I dont want to wait until mid april
  10. I feel you, I just want answers for U of T or Laurier. But have they ever accepted on the weekend before? I imagine everything will happen early next week.
  11. Yes, an email that SGS decision was made. Checked and said rejected.
  12. So the person who got rejected by U of T 2 year is canadian. I think not hearing yet must be good then.
  13. Ya I think they got the acorn update on Thursday and official letters later on Friday
  14. When they announced the 1 year acceptances a few weeks ago I think it was on a thursday/friday. So we should still be hopeful for this week. I just reached out to the person who got rejected asking if they were international or canadian applicant - hopefully that clarifies a bit. I guess not hearing so far is till a good thing, for now at least!
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