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  1. Oop my mistake, I received more info on NGP, not the behavioral program. It did take a while to hear back with more info, but I’m sure an email will be sent out for other programs soon.
  2. I got an email with more info about the recruitment/interview schedule on Jan 7th. There is a due date to submit faculty of choice by the 15th so I would check spam and reach out if you were offered an interview but haven’t gotten more info yet.
  3. I just got an email with a zoom link directly from the faculty member I am interviewing with tomorrow.
  4. I did not contact any faculty members but I am from Portland, so that may have worked in my favor. Best of luck!
  5. Has anyone else received an interview invite from OHSU? I accepted an invitation to interview but have not received any response to my acceptance email, and no sign of the email with more questions/info that the invite email suggested would follow if I accepted. It’s been over a week since I initially accepted and the deadline to accept is the 3rd. The radio silence is making me nervous that emails may not reaching the right inboxes. Is anyone else in a similar situation? Have you received some confirmation or more information about the interviews?
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