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  1. I also just got accepted to NYU Performance MA ! I can't go without funding but yay!
  2. @kly23 nothing on my end! feeling hopeful since @je46's message made it sound like I would have gotten a rejection by now? unless they're behind like every other admin process on the planet in which case all bets are off
  3. wow that pile on sucks! I dont know if it helps for a stranger to say this, but those rejections are not indicative of your worth or your potential at all. Hang in there, you've got good things coming.
  4. Yeah my feeling is a lot of people are waiting till the end of the month, getting a pulse on what programs are really like and whether they want to commit 6+ years to them. So I bet waitlists will move the beginning of April, that just seems so far away! Fingers crossed for you re Maryland.
  5. @SportySpice @ashwel11 Dang I'm so sorry to hear that! I definitely would have expected a more personal touch. For those on waitlists: How are you navigating waiting on waitlists to shift? Are you setting a date for yourself to decide regardless of whether or not you've heard from those schools? This question goes for other folks too! Asking because I am feeling unsure how I much/for how long I want to wait on schools that have waitlisted me. Especially cause I want to decide in time for programs I'm not going to to admit fabulous applicants from their waitlist.
  6. Fingers crossed for both of us! I wonder when/if we'll know if any spots become available. It's a funny thing to try to factor a maybe into my decision making.
  7. Waitlisted at UPenn! The email was very kind, so I'm feeling good about it Anyone happen to know about how much they offer in fellowship?
  8. @je46 I'm wondering about this re Columbia as well! It seems so silly to wait to reject folks, I totally agree @Hard times!. When I've run hiring processes at work etc it doesn't take that much effort to be kind and just say, hey, not this time around. I think it's unnecessary to hold people in suspense, especially when they have to make a big decision by April 15 (or earlier, to give their spot to someone else).
  9. @raymo a section appeared below my "xyz is submitted" that says "Decision Status: Available Beginning 2/17/2022" with a link under it to the offer. Fingers crossed that you hear back soon!
  10. Hey all! CUNY updated their portal today. I checked it randomly and found out I got in! Anyone else hear back too?
  11. Congratulations on the interview! Hoping you hear soon. I applied to UPenn and Columbia but I haven't heard a peep or seen anything on forums about either. It would seem that they're taking their time!
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