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  1. Still waiting for three. Don't know why it takes this long... I'll start emailing and bothering them next week. But I'm assuming its a full reject round.
  2. Still waiting on three of my four. Is it that hard to write rejected on a piece of stationary and either email or mail it to me. I'd be okay with that, just in big black marker, so that its done.
  3. I think other folks have asked this to. It depends on the school. I wouldn't put too much stock into it yet. You may still hear positively...
  4. I've definitely heard of that happening before. At my old school, they actually emailed our social security numbers out to a swath of other students instead of the faculty... whoops. If you're sending anything that has any real bearing, I recommend checking the To: field. For things like this, I feel like its only right.
  5. since hearing from one program in mid-Feb. I have heard absolutely nothing from my schools. All had deadlines in the December-January range... As I've said before, I'm okay with getting rejected. It's the not knowing that's getting to me.
  6. School is great fun and I loved every minute of my masters degree that I took plus it kind of led me to my current job. However, I was half funded and at a state school which made it even cheaper. Without that, I don't think it would've been worth it to me...
  7. Love it. In mine, the words teach and learn were bigger than research. I know when I get rejected from the last three, that next year, RESEARCH is the buzz word.
  8. growing lilies (see how easy that was to fix?)
  9. Yes, its possible. I would call the department and ask if they would consider you for the master's program if that is your interest.
  10. Ployer is asking what I'm doing for next year before they source me. Sorry would edit old post but my iPod touch is new and therefore limiting to me. Can't figure out how to scroll down within text box.
  11. Okay but the app fee isn't the only thing that I paid for. It also cost me twenty four dollars in transcripts plus a fourth of my GMAT test, so let us allocate another sixty per school plus sending that score plus sending from my credentials file. So it's now about one eighty or so per school. Okay, yes the school doesn't see all that money but they know that it was all spent for this decision. Additionally, I'm not annoyed that they are still making decisions at this point but they know the April 15 deadline is approaching and I didn't even receive a "we got everything" email for a progra
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