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  1. Hey! I'm living there as well (moving in in 10 days - Eeep!). I'm also in the M.A. Ed. program, but in Social Studies.
  2. I have orientation in June 1st, so I'll be moving out of my apartment Memorial Day weekend (May 23rd) and hopefully moving into my school's graduate apartments on May 31st.
  3. I've never seen the efficiencies, but the apartments in the Neil Avenue Building, from their floorplans, are just about identical to my boyfriend's Worthing Building room. I really like it there - for a dorm, it's pretty comfy and spacious. It kind of makes me wish I still lived on campus. Both buildings were built at the same time (they're the newest dorms on campus), so I imagine they're very similar. The kitchens in the efficiencies aren't as big from the look of things. That's the only real disadvantage I see. The Neil Avenue Building is on South Campus and close to the hospital and most of the biological science buildings. There are other graduate complexes, but they're not nearly as nice (Jones Graduate Tower on North Campus in in serious need of repairs).
  4. I don't know if it would be more or less expensive, but you could take Music 101.01 (Piano for non-majors) to start with. Or, once you got here, you could always advertise for an instructor at the School of Music (largely confined to Hughes Hall). All the music majors I know at OSU specialize in other instruments (tuba, oboe, and violin), however, so I don't know anyone specifically who could teach you.
  5. I'm starting a 14 month, four semester program that runs from June to next August, so my summers are packed. Next summer is preparation for student teaching.
  6. For the people and atmosphere only. I could definitely do without the cold or the crazy football Saturdays. Unfortunately the M.A. Ed social studies program required things I wasn't willing to do, like an American history focus when I have no intention of ever teaching American history (I want to do European or World history), or a minor in both Poli Sci and Geography. It's an excellent school and the best program in the state, but my interests just didn't fit.
  7. Thanks Sonic. I'm planning on living at there since I don't really have time to find an apartment. I was wondering what the public transportation is like in Williamsburg. Are most things within walking distance of campus or along bus routes? Is there non-permit parking nearby if I have visitors?
  8. I applied to four programs and I had only completed one (William and Mary, which had a Jan. 15th deadline). I was still in the process of getting all my letters and transcripts to the other schools when I got my acceptance letter. I'll be starting my M.A. Ed. in Social Studies Education in June!
  9. I was right! I received my acceptance letter from William and Mary (and a highly complimentary e-mail from my adviser) via e-mail this afternoon! I'm not even waiting on the other schools to finish reviewing my applications. It's my top choice hands down.
  10. I received an e-mail from my adviser (who already has my undying affection, being a fellow Big Ten school alum) an hour before I got the my official letter via e-mail. I've been bouncing around the room ever since. My roommate was checked her status for her application to Ohio State shortly after I found out I was accepted to William and Mary. She got into her program as well .
  11. *starts 2009 thread* I got my acceptance letter for admission into the M.A. Ed. Social Studies program today, much to my surprise. So in three months I'll be moving 600 miles away from all of my friends and family, which is quite terrifying, but also thrilling. Anyone else headed to Williamsburg?
  12. Best of luck to you. I currently attend OSU and it's a fantastic school. I'm in my last quarter of undergrad here and I'm going to miss it terribly.
  13. I had a tussle with one of my LOR writers who taught my senior colloquium class. He was more than willing to write my letter and even helped me hash out a basic CV. My GPA in undergrad has been good (dipped down to a record low of 3.72 after nearly failing a math course, though) and I had some super qualifications. My SOP could have used some outside attention. The real thing that I didn't really have was a super GRE scores. They weren't anything to write home about (520Q/530V/4 Analytical) and I never really studied for it, but standardized tests have never been among my strong points (I was accepted to Ohio State with a 1080 SAT, but I had a lot going for me). My prof. was after me to re-take my GRE, which I explained to him that I had neither the time or money to do so and they met the average for acceptance for my top-choice school. He basically told me average wasn't good enough (which is true) and that if I brought my scores up to the low 600s I would have guarenteed acceptance to any graduate program I wanted. He has this strange effect of making me feel inadequate and awesome in the same sentence. Maybe it's because he's British. Meh. If by some chance I don't get accepted, I might retake it and reapply next year.
  14. No, but Northeastern is. Northwestern is in Chicago.
  15. As far as I can tell none of the schools I applied to have an application status page, but my undergrad school does: http://appstatus.osu.edu/
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