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  1. I'm signing in for the first time in years and reviving this thread to say I had the exact same experience yesterday. I can't believe I passed my QE and have been in shock. I was so anxious and flailed throughout my entire exam, and now I can't seem to stop focusing on all the ways I got questions wrong. My committee was kind and fair, but I just couldn't handle a thing they were throwing at me, even the easy stuff. I've been considering asking my chair to rescind the pass because I don't think I deserved it. I thought passing would be a much different experience than this. I'm not glad
  2. Thanks so much you guys. I feel better about dropping now that I've slept on it, heard your advice, and reconsidered the real vs. imagined priorities. Even if I put a lot of strategic multi-tasking into projects, classwork will indeed eat into my ability to connect with key people and work that will really help me shape the thesis topic. I'm sure I would also be miserable...it's just not something I could handle. Reducing the amount of unnecessary pressure I'm putting on myself will be an ongoing learning exercise, I'm sure (is there a thread for that?). I hope I don't look like a flake b
  3. Hi, I'll try to make this brief. I'm a week into my program and I love being here. When I registered for 20 credit hours I knew it was only temporary. I wanted to safeguard against any last-minute cancellations or schedule conflicts. Now, I have it pared down to 17, which in my case is the required courseload plus two electives. I've always tended to pile on too much work and I've been trying to be mindful of what balances I need to maintain to make it through this long haul. But, I really want to take both of these classes and I don't like thinking about moving forward in this pr
  4. I moved from FL to Southern CA in 2008 and when preparing to move I found that U-Haul was much too expensive for the trip (keep in mind the gas costs are often as expensive as the rental itself). I had a large 1-bedroom apartment in FL. I got rid of all my furniture which left me with about 25 boxes of varying sizes, 5 of them full of books. I shipped the books via USPS media mail. I shipped the rest of the boxes through Greyhound freight services. They basically put your belongings in the underside of the bus to go with the passenger bags. Like Amtrak they go by weight and I believe
  5. Hi Everyone, Never thought I'd be posting on this thread. Earlier this month I applied for a Plan B(ish) job in the vicinity of the only grad school I had hoped to attend. Feeling pretty down on myself, I'd assumed I wouldn't get a call-back about the job (was missing a qualification) or get into grad school (was waitlisted for the second time). On Wednesday I got a call-back about the job. So exciting--a job much more related to my training, and with a massive pay increase. I was surprised at how they seemed to like me, and we scheduled a phone interview for Monday. Second intervie
  6. I'm really hoping for this... I was waitlisted rather late last year at my dream program, and later received the silent rejection (ouch). This year I got feedback from admissions, improved my app and reapplied. We were told that results would start going out in mid-February, but I just saw a waitlister on the results board. My mind is alternating between "They've already decided and don't have a reason to send out rejections immediately or at all, so be prepared for ultimate fail" and "I'm still in the running, they're narrowing it down and maybe even finding funding sources for me!" Th
  7. Thanks and best of luck to both of you!
  8. Hi everyone, I'm a 2nd-time applicant to a PhD program in the social sciences. I was waitlisted last year at this program, and it is the only program that I would like to attend at this point--no safety schools for me! Yikes. Last year I nearly lost my mind with anxiety during the loooong wait. I'm doing my best to prevent that from happening this year (it helps that I'm much busier this time around), but I can't help my lame tendency every day to uselessly "calculate" my chances. I've searched the forums on this topic but have found little information: Does anyone have experien
  9. tetrandra

    Gainesville, FL

    The advice others have given is great. My input re: dating in Gainesville is that the prospects are not so good. I lived there for three years in my late 20s, and for context info I was a rather busy/serious, non-traditional upperclass(wo)man. There just weren't many people in the same boat as me, not to mention the dating pool. The numbers just weren't there for much success (although admittedly some of it had to do with me personally, haha) and I often went out with people who didn't live locally. I had the option to continue on at UF for grad school, but the #3 reason I decided aga
  10. Point taken. Thanks, I see how it could be perceived that way. I truly don't mind teaching, but I feel like I'm screwed if for some reason they decide I would be a lousy fit for a TA position. It's quite possible they might, as my experience is nearly 100% research. Honestly, I'm afraid to ask how this could be handled when it comes time to give applicants the axe. I was hoping that if I discussed my intention to apply to a fellowship, they might see that I'm serious about funding my studies in one way or another. Maybe they'll like me! (sigh) Does this even matter? I might have alrea
  11. Hi All, I can't seem to find information on this topic. I've recently discussed my research interest with my POI. While I get a decently positive feeling about submitting my application (was waitlisted last year) I feel that my chances could be improved if I had more of a readymade funding source. The POI said that his research group is new and still raising funds, but I should still reapply and if accepted perhaps be offered a TA position instead of a position as a graduate researcher. I was thinking I could apply for an NIH predoctoral fellowship. There's one with my name writt
  12. I'm an OT and recent USC graduate. USC is also very expensive, and I'm am specializing in the lowest paid OT sector which has been risky. Ultimately I went to USC (moved from U of FL) because they had more of an emphasis in mental health practice and I expected that being in such a big city opened up many more doors for me (it did). Though I'll be paying on my student loans until I'm 55, I feel that the connections I've made and the opportunities available here have been well worth the cost. If you end up having the choice between schools, I strongly recommend against sole consideration of
  13. I'm feeling a bit crushed right now by the waiting-anxiety, and for your entertainment I will admit that I'm pretty close to using a crystal ball myself... I've had my tarot cards read over this whole situation (in October, pre-application submission), and I'm tempted to go and have it done again. I expect to hear back any day now. I'd have my astrological chart read too but that costs more money, and I'm on a grad student budget as is. I have been obsessively checking my email, gradcafe results page, and phone (apparently what I want is a phone call and not an email...please no email).
  14. There's no way I can keep up with this profile in addition to FB, Twitter, etc. :)

  15. I started half-heartedly looking. I believe I'm too old to be living in places where I don't want to settle, and the bio clock is also ticking. I'm happy that I got my MA all squared away and that job prospects in my field are promising. I just feel like this application was my first/last shot at a PhD, but maybe I'll change my mind if it doesn't work out. I really should have applied to more schools and worked harder to raise my GRE ~100 points. I truly love research...I guess I could always freeze some eggs. LOL
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