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  1. So I got an email from admissions asking me to contact a professor because the professor would like to speak to me - so I'm meeting with her next week to chat. But nothing changes on my application
  2. So I've heard back for counselling psychology but I'm not sure if that's what you guys applied to.
  3. So I did not get into UBC - just got my rejection - but was not surprised because I didn't take CNPS 362, the course they focus everything on. I also am somewhat relieved now because I didn't want a non-thesis based program which is what the MEd there is. Now just the waiting game after interviews next week!
  4. They had said that to me as well originally but then out of nowhere I got this email.
  5. So I just received an email from the University of Ottawa saying: Please contact Professor ___________________ concerning your admission application to our Counselling Psychology program. She would like to get in contact with you, her email address is: __________________. Not sure if we are supposed to name people here, so I won't do that - but such an interesting way to get in touch!
  6. Oh interesting! Were you applying to the Phd or MA program? The deadline was February 1st for applicants within Canada so wasn't sure.
  7. I applied to UOttawa for counselling psychology and when I emailed asking they said they would notify mid or end of April because they have had technical issues... Which is insanely late.
  8. Hi there - I was in the global health stream. You can definitely do your practicum abroad even If you aren't in global health but it's a bit more on you to find one in that case. I personally loved SFU's program though it is really about what you invest in the program.
  9. SFU has a great program - in my opinion, and it really depends on what you put into it that determines how well you will do post-grad. Personally, I went directly into ac community development role in Vancouver and soon after shifted into a management position (an MPH definitely helped me get into it). But beyond job prospects, it's a great program with a fantastic social justice lens.
  10. Hi there, I finished the MPH program at SFU a few years ago if any one has any questions or ideas about it, I'm happy to answer!
  11. Does anyone know about the SFU requirements for the DVD showing a mock counselling session? I am thinking of re-doing the one I had as I wasn't too happy with it overall...
  12. Also, U of Ottawa is ridiculous. For the MA Counselling Psychology program, they responded me today saying: We have had several delay regarding admission offers because of our new student system. We will do our best to let you know as soon as possible, but it will be around the end of April that you should hear from us. End of April is insane!!!!
  13. I've heard back for Counselling Psychology - an interview at the end of March.
  14. I haven't heard anything but I applied to the Masters of Counselling program.
  15. Got accepted at U of Calgary MSc program! A bit shocked right now !
  16. Also for those who are hoping to hear back from UBC any time soon... not likely. This is what they responded: We will inform successful applicants in mid March and unsuccessful applicants in late April.
  17. Thank you! Hmmm it seems they are still contacting folks though, so there is definitely hope!
  18. Oh sorry I was referring to the Masters of Counselling Psychology (MA and MEd)
  19. So I emailed SFU to ask out of curiosity, and this is the response I received. Interviews will be planned this week and students being interviewed will be notified. Interviews will be on March 21, 22, 23. All other students will be notified by the end of March.
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