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  1. I was admitted to CSULB early December too. Are you doing CYF concentration? Applying to any stipends?
  2. soy

    CSU'S: Fall 2013

    I got my acceptance letter to CSULB last week! So excited!!! I'm still wating to hear back from a couple other SoCal schools, but since I got into my first choice, I feel like I can relax a bit now. Good luck, everyone!
  3. soy

    CSU'S: Fall 2013

    I included something along the line of "Sent personal statement to Department". It's not necessary to fill that part in. Where are you applying? So far my list just includes CSULB and CSULA. LB has rolling admissions...so if the results from them aren't favorable, I just may have to add a few more schools. >_<
  4. Hi friends! Gearing up for application season! How are your apps coming along? This is my second round so I'm hoping another year of experience will make me a more competative candidate. Saw this on CSUMentor and it's making me a little nervous, though : CSU campuses will hold all applications until the end of this initial application filing period on November 30, 2012. The reason for this action is because there is a measure on the November ballot (Proposition 30) which requires voters to decide whether to provide additional funding to help the state address the ongoing structural d
  5. Lalalalala......how's everyone holding up?
  6. That's the word on the street. We are just waiting for an admitted student to pull out.
  7. Any likelihood of "pending" applicants being admitted...
  8. I think it's over, guys. O_o
  9. Have you checked your status online?
  10. Thanks for sharing this info. Sounds like at least there is SOME probability to hear back before July. At this point, I've been waiting for a definitive answer for half a year....what's another 3 months, right?! Haha :-)
  11. Have you contacted the Department yet regarding your pending status? Do you think we'll actually have to wait until July before we hear back?! Through reading the forums, it looks like more people have been put in the "pending" catergory than accepted. What gives?!
  12. Blaaaah! I was told mid-April about a month ago. And now it's May?! I wish they would just tell me I'm rejected so I can go on with Plan B and stop obsessively checking my email. sigh.
  13. Don't give up hope just yet! My cousin was put on SDSU's waitlist a couple years ago - then was accepted to her first choice program! You still have a good chance of being admitted. The sucky part is just that it makes the waiting game even longer. Better than a flat out rejection, right? What options did LB give you?
  14. Dear CSULB, Let. Me. In. Your. Program. PLEASE! Ahhhhh!
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