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  1. I might be, but for anthropology with an interest in working closely with the geography faculty. Did you visit? How did you find the faculty, students, and resources available if so (if you don't mind me asking)?
  2. Ditto, I was expecting it but so it goes. Congratulations to the lucky few
  3. @babybiobabe: I'd like to second what Anthroman said(!), and kindly ask you whether you were contacted by e-mail or phone. I've been having phone reception issues, and am also waiting to hear back from CUNY. Also, were you accepted and are being invited to a visit campus weekend, or is this for an interview? Thanks!
  4. geohomme, thanks for the reply. did you receive notification that you were not accepted, or do you figure this because you have not heard back yet?
  5. Hi all, I received notice about an acceptance from UNC last month, on exactly the same date as the two submissions posted on the results page. I heard from my POI initially, but two weeks later I received an automated e-mail from the application system that the decision status was posted online. A link to a .pdf letter from the graduate school dean appeared at the bottom of the page. So be sure to look out for any e-mails like that, although it seems like the protocol was to be contacted by the department/POI first (as is the norm). I was very excited to learn about the offer! Best of luck
  6. Has anybody heard from Berkeley? I see that one PhD acceptance submitted to the results tables on January 25th, and I'm wondering whether all of the other accepted candidates received notice around that date, too.
  7. Dear all, This week, I received an admission letter for one of my top three programs, in anthropology. Included in the admission letter was a TA fellowship offer, which entails waived tuition costs for three years, health care, and a yearly stipend of 16k. This is a competitive program at a public institution, in a small town known for a comparatively cheap cost of living. I'm of course happy to receive the admission and funding as well, but I have trouble estimating the quality of this offer. The offer is only for three years, meaning that after I complete my coursework and comprehensiv
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