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  1. I would absolutely recommend that you visit apartments in person. I've found that many NYC apartment listings tend to embellish details and do not accurately depict what apartments are actually like, so you definitely want to check them out in person. In addition, there tend to be numerous scams on sites like Craigslist, which you might be more exposed to if you're searching out-of-state. I also think it would also be helpful for you to get a sense of the neighborhood you would be living in, and if it feels like the "right fit." Good luck with the housing lottery! Keeping my fingers cros
  2. Hi everyone, I submitted my admission deposit to Columbia a few days ago, since my deposit deadline was fast approaching. I had yet to hear from NYU (my top choice) but didn't want to jeopardize my spot at Columbia. I ended up getting accepted into NYU and am now having second thoughts about enrolling at Columbia. My interest lies in clinical social work and the possibility of an eventual private practice. Because of this, NYU seems like the ideal choice, since its so highly regarded for its clinical program. However, I've heard Columbia has a very strong clinical program as well. I'
  3. I too will be attending Columbia this fall! I plan on staying in my apartment, which is near the Columbia neighborhood. I've also been living in NYC and the Upper West Side for almost nine years now, so I'm happy to answer any questions about city living for any transplants out there.
  4. Yes, it's possible. I got accepted in early February and am still waiting on financial aid info and to hear from other schools, so I emailed and requested an extension, and was given a few more weeks for my deposit deadline. So it's definitely worth a shot to call/email and ask!
  5. Does anyone know if interviews are typical of NYU? I hadn't heard anything about interviews being part of the application process. Rivka, did they contact you directly about an interview? My application has been complete as of 2/2, (though all materials were submitted by 1/20) and I have not heard anything from them either, so I too am a little anxious...
  6. Hi alamb277, When did you hear back from NYU about their admission decision? When was your application complete? I got into Columbia in early February, but have not received my financial aid details yet. Have not heard back from NYU about an admissions decision, but if I were to get in there, I'd definitely be deciding between Columbia and NYU - in the end, my choice might come down to which school provides more financial aid...
  7. Congrats on NYU!! Is your admission decision also visible on the application website? When was your application complete?
  8. I'm waiting to hear back from Hunter, too. My application has been complete as of 1/5, but I've received no word from them about an interview...Not sure if that's a bad sign or not...
  9. Hi there! Nope, my online status only changed when I received the acceptance. A prompt appeared at the bottom of my application webpage, which said "Decision Status" with a link to the acceptance letter. I have a 3.2 overall GPA and a 3.6 GPA for my major. I was concerned about my overall GPA since it's only slightly above the 3.0 minimum most social work schools require. I've been out of school for close to nine years and have accumulated a ton of work and volunteer experience since, including two years of volunteer work as a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters, so I think that may h
  10. I submitted on 1/5/12 and my application was complete as of 1/9/12...
  11. I just received my acceptance from Columbia as well. So happy. Congrats, everyone!
  12. Congratulations on the fabulous news! When did you submit your application, and how long did it take before you found out you were admitted?
  13. Hi everyone! Just checking in to see if anyone's applied to Hunter for fall 2012 admission and if you've heard back about an interview, and if so, when? My application was complete as of 1/5/12 but I've yet to hear back about an interview. Just want to see if other people who applied around the same time have already heard back about an interview or not. Man, this waiting game is torture!
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