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  1. 2 Bd Efficency for me. However, my fiancee will be moving with me on January so I'll need to move by then.
  2. I received my notification by April 12th, Structural Engineering PhD though. Have you called them?
  3. Yep, I completely agree it is a fair thing. If their are giving you the money the least you can do is to work back in the country. But it still sucks to have to reject work offers from abroad.
  4. No one else? Has anyone applied to the in-campus housing lottery yet? Does anybody knows if I can apply for less than a whole year lease? The thing is that I'll be moving alone first, and my fiancee will arrive 6 months later. So I think I'll have to move to a bigger place by then.
  5. I'm applying for the same fellowship. I am quite confident since Seismic Engineering is one of the most important issues for the country after the 2010 earthquake. The only bad thing of the scholarship is that it forces you to work in Chile for twice the time you spent studying abroad. That's at least 8 years for a PhD!
  6. Hi! I'll start my PhD in Structural (seismic) Engineering this fall at Stanford.
  7. Hi Poovath, congrats for your acceptance! I'll be attending to the CEE Structural PhD program! Any other Stanford admits around?
  8. Thanks! I am interested in Dr. Deierlein's and Dr. Miranda's work. I was Interviewed by Dr. Miranda, but I have 6 months to decide who to work with.
  9. I'm attending Stanford! I've got my acceptance via phone yesterday. :)
  10. Yes I have... but they replied saying that they don't issue acceptance letters conditioned to obtaining external funding. It really sucks!! I need to answer to CMU by April 15th and I really don't know what to do. I'll try to tell MIT that I am willing to pay the first year from my personal funds if I'm not awarded with the fellowship.
  11. OK, crap news for me today. MIT said I was on their waitlist and that they would reconsider my application if I'm awarded with an external fellowship. I am currentlyt applying to the Chilean's Government Fellowship, however, the scholarship's comitee won't accept my application if I am not already officialy accepted. I know I will get this scholarship for sure if I make it into MIT, since I satisfy all their requirements (I've known a lot of people less qualified than me that has won it)... so I'm trapped in a circular problem!!!!!!!
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