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  1. Some people in my department heard back. My application is still pending.
  2. Nope. Several people in my department applied and no one has heard back yet.
  3. Hi Anthro2012 - I was also accepted to the UCSF/UCB Medical Anthropology program but was concerned about funding. What did you decide?
  4. What do people know about the UCSF/UCB Medical Anthropology program? Is there a big difference between being on the UCSF rather than the Berkeley side?
  5. ah2191


    A friend of mine received an email from a POI informing her of the tentative visitation day. I don't think she's received funding info yet, but I'm not sure. She's not on GradCafe and I don't know more details, sorry. Looks like you've already been accepted to UCB, UCLA, and UCI - all very highly ranked programs. Is there a particular reason you're so interested in USC?
  6. ah2191


    This was the conversation about USC on the acceptances/rejections/decisions forum. I know that some unofficial acceptance emails have been sent, but I don't know if all have. There is also a tentative visitation day scheduled for March 26th.
  7. ah2191


    Check out the acceptances/rejections/decisions forum for information about USC - I'm pretty sure acceptances have been sent.
  8. The acceptance letter I received included tentative dates: March 8th and 9th.
  9. I also had an unpleasant Skype interview with Yale. While I'd love to be accepted to such a prestigious university, I'm now questioning if it's the right kind of place for me.
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