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    I'm beginning my Masters in Social Work 2 year Fall 2012. I've applied to Columbia, Fordham, Maryland, Denver.
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  1. What a relief! I'm still on the fence between Fordham and Columbia. Do you know if there's a facebook group for accepted Fordham students? Will you be able to make it to the June 6 accepted students day?
  2. @Yesanna Did you decide on Fordham?
  3. Hi hanadul83: What great encouragement! I've started a few blogs in my lifetime to share photography and travel stories and sadly haven't done such a great job keeping up with them. That said, I'd love to write again and writing about social work would be a good place to start. How about you? Do you have a blog you can share? Good for you for going back for your second masters! The MSW will be my first and probably only degree (so expensive!) but I'm really excited about it. My professional experience/interests are in education (was a Spanish teacher but interested in experiential ed), youth
  4. Can you provide a link to that professor's post? Search isn't turning up any results.
  5. Hi, I know it's been a year, but if you still sign on do you mind sharing where you ended up? I'm also interested in working with women in developing countries and am trying to decide between Columbia and Fordham.
  6. I applied mid-March and just got my acceptance letter last Friday. You should hear soon!
  7. Wow. Very well thought out! Where have you decided to go? I'm trying to decide between Columbia and Fordham. I have my deposit down on Columbia and just got accepted from Fordham last Friday. I had mostly good interactions with Columbia and really like how many options there are in the curriculum. I know i want clinical, comm organizing, and leadership skills to be ready for wide array of jobs, but I'm mainly interested in international development from the angle of girl and women's empowerment. Columbia's AGPP track seems like a good fit for that and so does the opportunity to take classes
  8. Hi folks, I came into the discussion a little late and made the group for accepted students. I have been accepted, but not yet "admitted". Sorry. You can still use the group. If you want it to be a closed group for admitted students, someone else should take over the admin. Please let me know and I'll hand over the reigns!
  9. All set! Look for "Columbia University School of Social Work Class of 2014". I had to create an email for the group cussw2014@groups.facebook.com. I didn't realize it when I created it, but the email address one creates becomes the url too. https://www.facebook.com/groups/cussw2014/. So go there and join in!
  10. Have any of you decided to attend the University of Maryland for MSW? Are you coming from out of state? I'm in-state and have applied but haven't heard back yet. I have almost written it off because the other schools need to hear back next week. What have been your impressions on the quality of the school? I know it's got a good rank now (15?), but I wonder if that's a true measure of the quality of the program. Being that it's a state school I wonder if the majority of students are commuter students or if there is a sense of community within the program. Please send your perspective my way!
  11. jsp: Congrats on your acceptance to Fordham! I am still waiting to hear back from them but I'm having a tough time deciding what to do if i do get accepted. I also was accepted to Columbia and similar to some other comments earlier, I'm not convinced the Columbia experience stands out as much as it's name. What are your thoughts on choosing Fordham? What do you see as its strengths?
  12. Maryland has been so slow and unprofessional. They didn't get one of my recommendations (b/c the system was down or something) my rec provider emailed it in and received a confirmation email back that it had been received. I got an email a 3 weeks later saying they still didn't have the rec. I forwarded the response of confirmation that my rec provider sent me. "Yup, we have it, but the date hadn’t been entered. Your application is all set". Yikes...a month later and still no response!
  13. I just got back from a visit to University of Denver (they all call it DU) for the accepted students. Did you go? Honestly, I have very positive things to say about the program, but I'm not convinced it's the right fit for me with the location and size of the program (roughly 180 students - 60 of which will be advanced standing). It's probably the most homogenous of the schools I've visited but their curriculum and certain professors (like Stephen von Merz in the Latino certificate program) are working to improve upon the diversity. It's also the most flexible of the programs; they would find
  14. I'll do it! Do we want a page or a group? A page is typically open to anyone to join and conversations through wall posts will be open to the public. On the other hand, we can keep group conversation limited to members who have to request to join. (see explanation of the differenc). To create a group I need at least one of you to become my friend on facebook (search for margiehatch@gmail.com). In terms of page decoration, I won't be able to use the Columbia logo without the schools permission, but I'll find something to stick in there. Which name will be the most likely to be searched by
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