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  1. I would email the director of the department you are accepted into. For Biblical Studies, they sent out the initial offers for funding about a week after admissions decisions were made. If you weren't on the initial list of offers, then you didn't hear anything from them, only emails urging you to enroll and submit your deposit for the fall semester. It is possible that if the initial offers are not taken, then they will be passed down to those further down the list of rankings in a process that has been known to last till june/july even.
  2. Hey So Im about to the point of considering inquiring about the status of my application at schools I haven't heard a peep from, though I have a serious complex that makes me reluctant to annoy or bother people about such matters. At what point (how many weeks after the applications were due/or from when they told you they would inform you) have ya'll sent inquiries, and in what form? Did you call or email? And whom did you contact? Also if anyone happens to have an example-inquiry with polished rhetoric that you wouldn't mind sharing, that would be brilliant. Thanks
  3. Hey Hanbran, I heard back today that I am waitlisted for funding. If you are offered funding you should be receiving a mailed letter next week. They offer about 1/3 of applicants full funding + 18K stipend, no partial offers. If some from the initial round choose not to accept their offers, then they will do another ranking and send out another round of offers until all the scholarships are accounted for. Im not sure how far down the ranking I am.
  4. Notre Dame CJA people: If I haven't heard anything from Notre Dame so far (ie no interview) is it safe to say I will be rejected? Or is there still a chance to be waitlisted? Thanks
  5. Nope, haven't heard. I'll email them tomorrow and ask when they will be deciding and let you know.
  6. Thanks for the help hawkey and hanbran. English sounds pretty cool too, I used to be an English major in college. My GRE is almost exactly what your's is. If I get funding I will definitely consider it.
  7. Thanks. I was aware of this and that there is a university-wide competition of grad students who will get funding fundamentally based on the GRE score. Does anyone know approximately what level of GRE score could expect to get funding?
  8. Hey I've been accepted to the PhD in Biblical Studies/OT at CUA, and was wondering if anyone has experience or knowledge about their funding practices. How long does it usually take to make decisions about funding? Do most people in the PhD program there receive funding? It is hard to find out much from their website, so any insight into this would be helpful. Thanks!
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