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  1. Thank you both for taking the time to respond to my question. I live in Canada so the requirements could be somewhat different in comparison to The States. I did inquire The Canadian Psychological Association and was informed the followings: Membership in the Canadian Psychological Association is voluntary and does not give an individual a licence to practice psychology nor does it attest to any credentials he/she may have. It is our national professional association and not a regulatory body. To practice psychology in Canada individuals need to be registered with the regulatory body
  2. Hi Everyone! I just applied to OISE Counselling - Psychology and on their admission guideline it specified prospective students must have A- or better in their final year. Has anyone been admitted without an A- =( I have a B+ which I think will affect my chances.. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks a lot everyone
  3. Hi! Thanks for the response. I have another question for you or anyone else who might be knowledgeable in this aspect. To my understanding (at least for CPA), accreditation only applies to PhD and post-doctorate level, so my question is how exactly will the selection of a MA/MS.c degree is related to accreditation at all? Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if anybody has heard of Adler Graduate Professional School. The school is NOT affiliated with Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago or Vancouver, but they offer a Master of Psychology program. I'd like to hear your input/review on this. Thanks!
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