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  1. Could the Clark U interview PM me your POI if it's not too much trouble? Thanks!
  2. Edit: Oops. I just realized the original post is from two months ago. I'll leave the post here in case it helps anyone. First, I'd encourage you not to compare yourself to how your peers in the program seem to be doing. Grad students are exceptionally good at faking their own confidence, but remember that grad students are one of the highest risk populations for depression and stress-related mental health issues. Your peers might put on a brave face, but they could easily be sitting in the car crying after seminar or something. Also, your program seems to be moving pretty quickly. Yo
  3. Edit: oops. This website is running slowly for me. Accidentally posted as a result. If you mean the school psychology interviews, my SO got an interview for the MA/sixth-year program, which seems to be sending out interviews similarly to the PhD program. If anyone has different information, please feel free to correct me. My SO got a general e-mail with a form letter, but her name was added in.
  4. Cross-posting this from the interview thread, just to see if folks here would have any thoughts. My SO received an interview invitation from UConn's 3 year MA/Sixth-year program, which she's excited about. I'm hoping that the interview goes well (will be in about 6-7 weeks). I'm impressed that they've made it through a decent number of applications already, especially if anyone on the admissions committee is teaching this semester, since it's currently finals time. We haven't been able to find much information about the percentage of acceptance based on interviews.
  5. My SO got an interview at UConn for school psychology (3 year MA/Sixth-Year program), with an option to choose between two dates for the interview.
  6. So this is a bit premature, as I'm just about to start my PhD, but it's something my fiancee and I have been talking about and I'd just like some feedback as we ruminate on it because it might change how I approach the job market. (I thought about putting this in City Guide but I settled on this forum because my questions mostly concern working) Once I have my PhD in 5 years, I'm considering moving to the Netherlands. My fiancee has family there and we've always found the idea appealing. I've done some minor research into how people with PhDs in the Humanities from American universitie
  7. Is the 3.5 cumulative undergrad, major undergrad, or MA? If it's cum undergrad, you should be ok. A 3.6 is generally the desired GPA, but I'm pretty sure plenty of people from these boards have gotten accepted with less.
  8. Most schools have an off campus housing listing site where people post that they're looking for roommates, etc. That's how I found my roommate last year- I ended up living with a psych student. Also, Craigslist isn't terrible. I found a decent enough guy on there once (I'm a woman and very tiny). Basically, make sure to talk to whomever it is on the phone first, maybe meet up ahead of time if you can. You should be ok.
  9. As far as I know, most programs require that you become an in state resident after the first year, so you might as well I guess (Yale actually makes you live in New Haven for at least 3 years--which is super specific).
  10. I'm an English grad student, so I hope you don't mind if I contribute. Our reading loads seem to be roughly similar (as one would expect). We typically get either a novel a week for a course or the equivalent of a novel a week if we're reading poetry (or a play a week). They are usually accompanied by three or so secondary sources, which include journal articles or chapters from a longer critical work (adding up to roughly 100 pages of secondary reading typically). At my current MA program, you take 3 courses a semester, so the reading load can feel quite heavy on top of working/teaching (
  11. This--I still have access to my undergrad electronic library thanks to some helpful friends. If you know anyone with access, hopefully they will let you use their info (I can't imagine why they wouldn't). Subscribing to JSTOR is a pretty confusing process, at least from what I'm looking at. They do apparently have free options that you can access. You can access up to 78 articles a year for free if you create a myJSTOR account. http://about.jstor.org/rr They also have something called a "JPASS" now, which lets you sign up for monthly or yearly subscriptions to access 80% of the archive (you ne
  12. Thankfully, the school I ended up at is actually in the state we were planning to get married in in the first place, so there's not too much extra work for us (plus we are getting married in 2015). Kudos to you, though, toasterazzi! I think I'd explode if I was getting married and moving at the same time.
  13. My fiancée and I are actually moving this weekend because our current lease is up and we found a place we like. After that we are staying with a friend for the last 2 weeks of class. Other than that it is trying to find work (it looks like I'll be freelancing) and getting set up. We also have to start looking at wedding venues...!
  14. Unfortunately there aren't any Institute positions in CT, but the freelance option looks pretty good. Thanks for the replies! I will try freelancing and see if I can make enough doing that, and if it doesn't work out I can temp as a back up.
  15. So I'm trying to find work over the summer, and I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions before I resign myself to temping (or something equally soul crushing). My problem is that there aren't a lot of seasonal jobs and the ones that are seasonal are usually minimum wage and/or get snatched up by high schoolers willing to work for less. (Since I'll be starting a program in fall, I obviously can't work past summer. Most places that know you're going into a program ask specifically if you can keep working through fall because they don't want short term employees.) I tried applying to thre
  16. I just had a school I declined specifically e-mail me to ask where I was going. I haven't answered yet because I'm not sure I want to. I mean, it could help the school, so maybe I will. It feels a little weird though. The other offer I declined didn't ask. Edit: They did, however, explicitly state that the information would be for their records, which I assume means they want to keep track of where people are deciding to go instead for some sort of constructive purpose.
  17. (Sorry, not a philosophy student, so I don't have much to add regarding scholarship. However, I have a lot of family in the midwest and I know a number of NYC transplants in Texas, so I thought I'd add my 2 cents if it helps.) The travel from Austin to NYC for visits and whatnot will be significantly longer than from Madison. It's a 2-3 hr flight to Milwaukee out of NYC, but (I think) it's somewhere around 5 hrs from Austin. Not a huge difference, but it's also more expensive. If you're planning to drive out when you move, Madison is about a day and a half driving (if you take a break and
  18. I already removed myself from the wait list for WSU--good.luck!
  19. Woo! Yes, join the dark side! feel free to pm me to exchange Facebook contacts
  20. I was rejected from CUNY's wait list--I have officially heard back from all programs. I wish those still waiting good luck!
  21. I did indeed accept an offer at UCONN. They're in the top 5 in the country for placement, if that helps (I work in academic administration and saw their note on their website about it, so I double-checked the findings through my boss's subscription to the Chronicle). Also, the USNR rankings aren't always the be-all-end-all. They certainly do indicate what schools you should go to if you want to end up teaching at an R1, but the way USNR conducts their rankings is actually statistically untenable (from my rudimentary understanding of statistics). They rely entirely on self-reporting based on 5
  22. What are the job placement rates at each? I have a lot of debt so that was a big consideration for me. Also, even if there's only a few professors at each who do work you're interested in, are there any who, even if they're not in your area, would be interested in your work? What I mean is this: I have a very specific interest that isn't always represented even in my sub fields/time period. So I went with a department that had people in my sub fields who were interested in what I was doing and taking that journey with me and one faculty member who explicitly does work I'm interested in/would
  23. YESS!! That's so exciting Is it ok if I PM you with my facebook info? Or is that weird? (PS--anyone else going to UCONN who wants to connect, feel free to PM me so we can add each other)
  24. Thanks! I will definitely do that. I also found the original letter in the midst of all my mess and filled out the online form to decline. However, I will reiterate to the DGS to make sure there's no confusion. One of my weird/irrational fears is unintentionally accepting enrollment at an institution I don't plan to attend (I am somewhat clumsy and it just seems like something weird that would happen to me). In prior years, it seems people have complained about UW's poor organization/communication with students, so I guess it might also just be a departmental thing.
  25. So I got accepted to UDub a few days ago and haven't had a chance to say I'm not going there. But I just received a letter thanking me for announcing my intention to enroll?? I'm in the process of moving and lost the original letter with information on how to decline. Can anyone help me out?
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