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    I'm curious about this as well! Thought I'd bump to see if anyone has any updates.
  2. Congrats to the person who posted the NYU social interview! Any chance you wouldn't mind PMing me your POI? Thanks in advance!
  3. Would the person who posted the Harvard interview today mind PMing me their POI? Thanks and congrats!
  4. Did you hear anything yet? I haven't heard anything, but am curious who you applied to work with... Would you mind sending me a message with the info (assuming you'd prefer not to announce it on this thread)?
  5. Yeah... Really appreciate the news though! Still nice knowing now rather than later. Thanks, Watson.
  6. Application updated to "complete!" Hooray (?)
  7. Did anyone get to the bottom of this? Mine still says "incomplete." Also, if any of you who heard from your POIs in the Affective Science and/or Social areas happen to be reading this, would you mind PMing me your POIs? Would be very grateful!
  8. Mine still says "incomplete" as well. Haven't heard from a prof yet but I'm applied to social. Has anyone else in social heard?
  9. Noticed a couple of results posted for Northwestern's cognitive program... Has anyone heard about social?
  10. I recently took the GREs and was very happy with my verbal and quantitative scores (169 and 163 respectively) but just discovered I only got a 4 on the writing. Does anyone have any sense of how much this matters for a (social) psych program? I feel like my background should make up for this (I was actually a humanities major and have won awards for papers I've written), but I was hoping my GRE scores could help make up for some other deficiencies in my application so I'm curious to hear any thoughts on the issue. Thanks!
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