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Hey guys!

I was recently accepted to the MA in Development Studies at York University (Toronto) with a pretty decent offer of financial package (fully covered with a bit extra for other expenses).  My top choice program, however, is Carleton University's MA in Political Economy.  That application is still under review, but I only have a limited amount of time to respond to the offer from York.  

Does anyone know if it's considered really inappropriate to contact Carleton (if I don't hear soonish) saying that I'd like to go to their school but I need to know whether I'm in before I respond to York?  Or if there is an appropriate way to go about this?

Really appreciate any help anyone can offer!  And congrats to others who have gotten acceptances!

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What's the acceptance deadline for York,  and are you still waiting for Carleton?  Maybe ask for an extension at York and check on your status at Carleton if you are still waiting since it's been a few days since you posted.

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