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  1. Guys, I want to ask a question. Regarding the funding I received from York, after tuition and books and supplies are deducted, the net annual stipend is $18,000. Will I be able to live solely on that amount?
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    Toronto, ON

    Hello guys, please how long does the journey from York University's new subway to downtown Toronto last?
  3. I am in a very similar dilemma at the same York University. I received a fully funded offer and I have until 2nd March to respond. I'm still waiting for responses from my top two programs and I don't know what to do.
  4. Thanks. The offer letter finally came, with full funding. I'm supposed to accept/decline the offer by 2nd March....and a post above shows they are going on strike on 2nd March. Anybody thinks that's a coincidence? I also applied to UofT and UBC. I'm yet to hear from them. What if I accept the offer by that date and they later (hopefully) send admit offers?
  5. Has anyone received an admit to York University? My application status changed to "Admitted" last Friday, and they enabled me to apply for on-campus accommodation. However, I haven't received an acceptance email from the school, neither is an offer letter anywhere in the portal (MyFile). So I have no idea whether or not I received funding, or the deadline to accept the offer. Is it normal that I have been admitted and still haven't received an email from them? I also noticed that at the supporting documents section, "Transcript (Official)- Not Yet Received" has been added. This probably
  6. Yep. I decided against applying to UIUC, TAMU and UT Austin. Now I'm seeing acceptances from all 3 schools, a lot of them with lower GPA/GRE scores. While I am fully aware that having higher scores than someone else who was accepted doesn't mean I also would get an admit, I feel like I would have had a realistic chance. I haven't received any response from the schs I applied to, and it's eating me out. I have no reason to be worried though beacause no one has posted an admit/reject for my program in any of those schs yet.
  7. I'm in the same boat as you. Graduated with 3.92 GPA, applied to 6 Engineering Masters programs with GRE 156V, 163Q, 4.5W. I hope things will go the right way but sometimes I lose confidence and wish I had applied to some lower ranked programs.
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