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Molecular approaches to research

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 can anyone help with this homework question?


Your project is focused on the studies of interactions of the mouse protein tyrosine kinase XYZ with other cellular proteins.

Here is what you know about XYZ: It is a cytosolic protein, which is approximately 750 amino acid residues-long. It phosphorylates a wide spectrum of cellular proteins. XYZ is phosphorylated itself on several tyrosine residues. The phosphorylation of XYZ is essential for the functions of this kinase, although details are unknown. There are also reasons to believe that XYZ is glycosylated.

Your goal is to identify as many proteins interacting with XYZ as possible.

Design the optimal and the second-best experimental strategies for achieving your goal. Be specific about what you are going to do without describing minor details of the proposed experiments. Explain why you have chosen these strategies and not the others. (12 pts)

Would your strategy be different if your goal was to determine whether or not XYZ interacts with ABC, a well-known cytosolic protein? (3 pts)

(TWO pages is the limit for your answer, including all figures, if figures are used.)

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This board is not here to help with homework questions. This is what you have instructors and TAs. In any event posting a question without showing that you've done anything to try and solve it yourself won't buy you too much good will in a forum designed for people who are pursuing advanced degrees and independent thinking/research. 

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