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  1. can anyone help with this homework question? Your project is focused on the studies of interactions of the mouse protein tyrosine kinase XYZ with other cellular proteins. Here is what you know about XYZ: It is a cytosolic protein, which is approximately 750 amino acid residues-long. It phosphorylates a wide spectrum of cellular proteins. XYZ is phosphorylated itself on several tyrosine residues. The phosphorylation of XYZ is essential for the functions of this kinase, although details are unknown. There are also reasons to believe that XYZ is glycosylated. Your goal is t
  2. so, I'm a first year biomedical student and one of my core classes is not going well. We have about 20 lectures for each exam which is every 3.5 weeks. THATS A LOT FOR ME. Some of the lectures are straightforward to my understanding but when the exam comes, I get so lost in how to answer them. I feel like some of the professors make the questions extra hard. The questions seem so hypothetical that I cant correlate them to the lectures. Any help on how to study better and take on the exams better?
  3. has anyone heard from Drexel bio phd post interview?
  4. it really grinds my gears that I got rejected from a school because of my GRE scores! Why did you then interview me in the first place like you didn't see my scores or something. Program director emailed saying your interviews went well and everyone liked you blah blah blah. Just ended up accepting me into their MS program like I applied for it in the first place
  5. I got waitlisted for Roswell Park and is there a possibility that I might get admitted without an interview?
  6. waitlisted for roswell park. didn't get an interview. If you don't want to attend, please decline.
  7. has anyone heard from temple biomedical sciences?
  8. Not compared to the 8 I had this past friday
  9. has anyone received an acceptance to roswell park?
  10. meanwhile I've been waiting at the train station for 2.5 hours because my train hit a tree. supposed to be going to philly for Drexel bio phd interview weekend.
  11. has anyone gotten a rejection from emory cancer that did not interview yet?
  12. did you hear from temple biomedical sciences phd yet?!
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