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Sleepless nights waiting out for UBC CS decisions (International)


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Waiting on UBC CS Decisions. Gonna pass out with anxiety now. Have been waiting sleeplessly for last 3 weeks. GradCafe shows many admits already. Last year there were all rejects from March. Last admit was mid Feb. If you are one of them, please share your profile so that I can come back to the ground! Foolish hope is eating me out.

UBC applicants, let's talk how you are feeling now? Have you received an admit or an interview or a reject atleast? What other plans have you got. Applied to UofT? Let's discuss


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Looking at the pattern of admits posted on grad cafe, I guess they have finished sending out the first round of admits for their CS prog. The next round could be in March and admits would be sent out based on the response from students in the first round. Since the last round ended around 13th Feb, we can expect some more admits by 7-9 March.  (Because students are generally given 25 days to decide on their offer)

P.S: This is what I am assuming. I could be wrong. Hope they update us on our admission status as soon as possible.

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