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McGill vs. Edinburgh vs. Toronto??? HELP


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I have received an offer from McGill, University of Toronto, and University of Edinburgh's English Masters programs. I have to accept one of the offers by the end of next week, and I would like some input from others about which school would be better and which school would be more likely to get me into a better American PhD program.



Pros: I received my undergraduate education from McGill and am on good terms with the professors here. I have also been offered a $1500 RA-ship with my current supervisor, should I accept. The program is two years long, which provides some benefits in that I would have more time to prepare for a PhD program and more time to work on my Masters paper.


Cons: I have been living in Montreal for the past four years and some change would be nice, much as I love the city. I am also worried that perhaps it is not prestigious enough to get into a top 10 PhD program in the States. 



Pros: It's probably got the best English program in the country, and there's a possibility that it is better known/recognized in the States. Also lots of interesting courses.


Cons: There's no thesis option, which is a big detractor for me.



Pros: Easily has the most interesting program to me. The most interesting courses and some very interesting professors. Also this might be the most prestigious school I got accepted to, regarding English programs (opinions on this?).


Cons: I've only been to Edinburgh once so I am not actually that familiar with the city, and it was gorgeous the one time I went and I adored it but it might be a lot to get settled in a new country, get to know the professors, make friends, write a paper, and apply to PhD programs.


I really want to get into a good PhD program and would love some input on which school would put me in the best situation to do so. 

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I've always heard that not doing your master's at the same uni as your undergrad is a plus, especially in academia. So that leaves Toronto and Edinburgh. My advice is to always go for the one that will most push you most towards new experiences and personal growth. imo studying in the UK will show you've been able to succeed in a different type of education system abroad, Edinburgh is fantastic, and the uni is obviously very prestigious internationally. I don't think you can go wrong with either of those two options, but Edinburgh is the capital of literature, so makes sense to me for an English program. Good luck with your decision!

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My $0.02 is that you should go with McGill because you have got some financial support and an opportunity to write a thesis. Hopefully, a combination of good GPA, LOR, Research Papers could land you in your desired PhD program in the U.S.. Best Wishes! 

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Toronto is a very expensive city to live in.  Have you looked at what you would have to pay for rent and living expenses?  I did my master’s at UofT (not in English, though), and lived outside the city as we couldn’t afford (and didn’t want) to live in Toronto.  So I had a long commute and wasn’t able to be involved in a lot of university activities, due to my schedule being dictated by the GO train.  Toronto does have an excellent reputation in the U.S. (although I’m not in English, so can’t comment on that). 

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On 3/14/2018 at 12:17 AM, Dwr said:

Do not take up space in a decent country with your brainwashed canadian background. Stay put in canada.

Ahahaha I'm American too so probably two strikes against me right?? Turned down Edinburgh so Scotland is safe from my North Americanisms for another year.

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