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I am confused between UNC Charlotte(CyberSecurity) and RIT(Computer Science or Computing Security).

What I know,

1. UNCC is cheaper; 2. Charlotte is a bigger city with lots of Banking institutions(How will this make a difference to a Cyber Security/Computer Science student?)

3. UNCC can give assistantships only after you are in the 2nd semester; 4. RIT has plethora of jobs. Is that the case with UNCC as well?

What I don't know,

1. UNCC vs RIT in terms of financial aid. - RIT has given me a 20% scholarship which can increase for the next year depending on my performance.
2. Brand Name of the University
3. Faculty support and quality of teaching
4. Job and internship opportunities
5. Competitive events that happen and scope for making connections with the industry(in Computer Science or related areas)
6. Location satisfaction and crowd
7. Campus life

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I'm only focusing on the things you said you don't know.

For #3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, you really should ask to be put in touch with current graduate students in these programs. They will be best able to help you have a better understanding fo these.

For #2, what do you mean by "brand name" of the university? What are you hoping to do with your degree after graduation?

For #1, have you asked RIT what the likelihood of having your scholarship increase is? How does the tuition at RIT compare to that of UNCC once you take the scholarship into account? Have you asked UNCC about the possibility of receiving a scholarship of any kind?


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