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Hi folks, I'm not sure if there's a thread already but here goes. I'm in a two-year program in writing and publishing. First semester was incredible, inspired, productive, fun. This semester not at all. Different faculty, boring methodology, uninspired. I'm still writing for myself but 10 weeks in and only one 5 page essay has been workshopped. Is this normal? To be expected? 

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In my experience, it's to be expected. I did a two-year MA and am in my first year of a PhD program now.  I've definitely had semesters in which I was stimulated, supported, and productive, and ones in which I was just pushing through to the end of the semester. I do hope next year gets better for you. And now that you know the faculty you prefer working with, maybe you can make that work for you as your planning fall semester.

Good luck!

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