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Worried for the summer..


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Hopefully I'm posting this in the correct thread. But my question is, what do grad students do in the summer? I started in January 2018 and I'm almost finished my first semester in a course-based masters program at a school 5 hours from my hometown. I'll be heading back for the summer. Now I'm confused about what I'm going to do in the summer. I seem to be a much slower learner than everyone here. I applied to a few summer internships but haven't heard anything back yet. I want to take this short 2 week seminar/workshop that's related to my field. And I'm also planning on writing 2 actuary exams in the summer. But if I don't get any internships, am I the worst graduate student to ever exist? What else could I try for? I'm legitimately stressed out about how this lack of work will look in future interviews for jobs etc. Thanks for any advice. 

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I feel better knowing I'm not the only one feeling this way and yes I am going to apply for more internships. I think I'm also going through the "imposter syndrome phase" right now so I was feeling even more anxious.  

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