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Wake Forest vs. William and Mary


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I'm in the fortunate position of choosing between Wake Forest and William and Mary for masters programs (or maybe a clinical research job closer to where I currently live, but no dice on that front yet), and I wanted to know if anyone who's in this position or who's been here before might be able to comment. Lots of factors to account for, but here are some on my mind:

- General reputation / quality of PhD placements: On this point, I know nothing.
- General quality of intellectual community: I want more than a good psychology graduate education—I want to be near interesting people doing other interesting things, who I can talk to.
- Funding/cost of living: W&M gave me $3,000 more than WFU, stipend-wise. I would guess that Wake Forest is a little cheaper. What's the right take here?
- Research opportunities: I'm intrigued but not jazzed about my PI's lab at W&M. WFU has a more open-ended research apprenticeship selection model, which could be better or worse.
- Clinical exposure: I'm leaning more and more in the clinical direction, even though my app didn't reflect that more than a little.

Thoughts? So little info on this set of programs out there. Also, happy to meet any other admitted students, to either program.

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From what I understand, these are both very good programs with strong placement rates for PhDs. However, I don't think that either program offers clinical exposure. 

If you can, I would recommend visiting or seeing if these programs can get you in contact with current students (maybe students who work with the PIs with whom you are interested in working?). They'll be able to give you a good idea of how the stipend works out with the cost of living in the area and recent students' placements with PhD programs. 

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