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UW Seattle Ph.D. Statistics vs IROM UT Austin Ph.D.( with a statistics prof.) vs NCSU Statistics Ph.D. ?

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I am in a very perplex situation and need your advice to take a decision: 

I did my undergrad and graduation in Mathematics and Scientific Computing from a leading Institute in India. Graduated in 2017 and working as an Analyst with a major European investment bank. My current research interests revolve around Bayesian statistics, statistical modeling (time series and regression) and model order selection. I do not have a specific preference between industry and academia post Ph.D. and would like to keep both options open and decide over time

At the moment, I have accepts from Ph.D. programs in statistics from  UW Seattle, NCSU, and OSU. I am waitlisted at UMich and will probably receive the decision next week (before 15th April). I got rejected from the Statistics Dept. at UT Austin, however a prof from the dept. has been trying to shift and get my application accepted to Information, risk and operations management (IROM) dept at  McComb School of Business at UT Austin since most of the Statistics prof. are also associated with this dept. 

I do not have a lot of idea about the IROM dept at UT, however from initials gaze, it gives a vibe of a business school, rather than Statistics dept. One of my concerns is, whether the dept not being a pure statistics dept, Will this in any way affect my research? Or, the research/ thesis will be totally governed by the professor I am working with?

Another concern is, will pursuing a Ph.D. in a non-statistics dept (although still doing statistics work) affect my chances in academia? 

Given my interests in Bayesian statistics, how would you rate UW Seattle Ph.D. program (pros: highly ranked [US NEWS Ranked 5th in statistics], diverse dept, interdisciplinary research) vs IROM UT Austin (pros: decently ranked in business schools [US news ranked 17th], Strong bayesian heavy statistics dept) vs NCSU (Pros: Highly ranked [US news ranked 10th in Statisitcs], very diverse dept, research triangle advantage)?

I have not added OSU because I feel other options are stronger than it. Did not add UMich since I have not yet heard back from them on my waitlist status. But Please feel free to let me now your comments on the same, in case I missed something. 

All the opinions are welcome and will really appreciate your help. thanks! 

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6 hours ago, DGcitizen said:

Congratulation! Any of those schools will be a great place for you, no doubt. But if I were you, I would choose UW Seattle. It is one of the most highly esteemed programs in the world. You will have no problem finding jobs in both industry and academia from UW.

Thank you for your reply. I am definitely more inclined towards UW myself, however, I still wanted to take opinion here since UT's stat is bayesian heavy (Not to say UW is not, in fact I feel that UW has a more balanced and diverse dept) and I am interested in Bayesian statistics. However, UT is not offering me admission in Stats but in IROM, given that I have limited knowledge of the same, I thought peers here might be able to share an opinion. 

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