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I plan on applying to LaTech University in Louisiana for its I/O psych program. I already have an M.S. in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience with more of a focus on cognitive psychology. While obtaining the I/O degree I want to focus on doing stats as I've learned that is most marketable. I have some questions hopefully someone will answer them.

1. Is LaTech a good I/O psych school?

2.  What should I focus on while in school?

3.  What can I do to make myself enticing to I/O programs?

4. If anybody can share their experiences of going to school for I/O psych and the work they do in their industry?


Thanks answering!!!


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Hey AppliedCogPsych,

You may have the credentials to apply to a single school and get accepted into that school (LA Tech) but I would definitely look more into where you can find a professor that fits your goals. I feel like you may be interested in Quantitative Psych and Measurement as well. I've attached a list of programs that may align with what you want to do. If you have the resources, apply to more than 1 program.

1) I can't speak to this directly, you may want to reach out to a student with similar interests currently in the program.

2) I/Os tend to have few true quant professors in the departments, so keep this in mind when looking for research support. Big areas in the field: Psychometrics, automation, statistical computing/programming, gamification. Coming from cog/neuro I feel you will have a novel perspective. A lot of companies are creating assessments, simulations, and games to hire people, but have they validated the cognition used in their assessments? I/Os love to measure cognitive constructs but may struggle with their behavioral manifestations (e.g., Employee Engagement- just because I say I'm engaged doesn't mean I'm showing up to work early every day). 

3) You have your M.S. in Cog/Neuro so you will already be unique. If you can get some I/O related research on your CV you'll be set. Send emails to professors asking if they need help coding or running participants, this will help you. I'm also a big proponent of gaining a working-knowledge of R. You can go to SIOP or regional conferences to get your name out there.

4) I took some time off and am currently working. I got my MS in I/O and now I'm going back for my doctorate (starting in the Fall). Thus, I can't speak to a doctoral level position but I consider my current role similar in terms of what I do, maybe not so similar in terms of pay. There is actually an I/O PhD that has the same job title as I do, and I'm the most tenured in a department of solely PhDs. Pay is only the real difference and maybe professional growth. However, I work in psychometrics for a medium-sized credentialing company. So I/Os can get in so many areas: Testing, HR, even Data Science, it's all how you market yourself. 

Let me know if you have any more questions.




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If you want to see where La. Tech ranks here are some links. Don't take these for gospel though






If you don't want to do academic work then rankings probably don't matter as much. 



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