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15 hours ago, Charity Anyanwu said:

Preparing for Fall 2019 as well, recently wrote the GRE. Had 305. Going for Masters in Airport Management. Do u think my GRE score is competitive enough for my course

Hi Charity, this is the sociology forum -- I suggest you check the forum that fits more with your proposed study. However I must admit I'm not sure which one that would be! Perhaps a business or management forum?

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On 7/13/2018 at 3:54 PM, historygeek said:

I have the Manhattan 5lb book and it's a godsend.

Took the GRE today and thanks to the Manhattan 5lb book my quant score jumped an insane 8 (!!!) points from my diagnostic score to test day. If anyone is feeling underprepared for their quants, get this book. It's only $20 and while you can't necessarily learn how to do advanced combinatorics or the like from it alone, I don't think I would have scored anywhere near as well as I did without it. 

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Applying for fall 2019 (Sociology)!

Can someone help me understand what's a good GRE score and GPA to be considered for colleges like NYU, Columbia, Northwestern, UChicago? I have a master's degree in communication and a bachelors in Sociology, plus close to a year's worth of work experience.


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