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MSW vs MEd Counselling Psych in Toronto - Pros and Cons


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Hi there!! 1f642.png? I am looking into doing an MSW( and maybe the MSW/JD) at York or U of T, or the MEd in Counselling Psychology at OISE !!! I am looking into these programs w the hopes of providing anti-oppressive, feminist therapy in the future. I am also really interested in working with incarcerated folks. I am finishing up an honours in women's studies, and did my research on first-person narrative as a tool of restorative justice and personal healing. I'm looking for current or past students to discuss the benefits of each program! Some questions to start, How did you like the program? Strengths/Weaknesses? What was your background and/or goals going in? Where/How was your placement? Where are you at now?

Pls reach out if you would be open to chatting w me 1f642.png?

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Instinctively, I think you'd be a better fit in MSW, which has a greater focus on social justice work. You can still be licensed as a psychotherapist through an MSW, so its a pretty good idea. All programs you mentioned are pretty much excellent as far as I've heard. 

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